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Healthcare workers dedicate their lives to helping others, and today many of them are facing the biggest challenge of their career. To help them in return, we’ve started making hospital gowns and face shields. It’s our way of giving back to these brave and vital individuals on the frontline.

Our engineering team have always been excited to take on new challenges and solve problems – which is why they moved quickly to help meet the increased demand for Personal Protective Equipment (PPE).

The need for face shields in medical facilities has grown exponentially since the COVID-19 pandemic spread across the world. While the popular N-95 face masks are excellent at preventing the spread of virus to others, and protect the wearer from inhaling the virus, users remain at risk of contracting the disease through their eyes.

Face shields have come to serve a critical role in protecting healthcare staff. Not only do they cover the entire face, they help prevent the wearer from touching their face, and are useful in situations where patients may rely on lip-reading for communication. As an added benefit, they’re an environmentally conscious PPE – where traditional masks are designed to be one-use-only, face shields can be sterilized with alcohol and used indefinitely.

Using our 3-D printers, Keilhauer is manufacturing face shields and distributing them to various medical facilities across North America. Essential healthcare workers are putting their lives at risk each day for the wellbeing of us all. Keilhauer is proud to do its part in providing comfort and safety to those on the frontline.

Download the face shield assembly instructions.

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