Planet Keilhauer

Planet Keilhauer is our sustainability program. Our plan to create a company that is environmentally benign, socially progressive, and economically successful.

Planet Keilhauer is driven by our Big-Time Corporate Goal - Closed Loop Manufacturing. We strive to achieve this goal by setting a sustainability policy, incorporating comprehensive sustainability programs, and empowering our people.

In 2013, Keilhauer’s environmental efforts were rewarded with the “Canada’s Greenest Employer” designation.  Sponsored by Canada’s Top 100 Employers, this recognition reinforces all of the work we do to create sustainable products in factories that meet the stringent requirements of Canada’s Greenest Employer program.

Planet Keilhauer is important to us because we all share this planet. It is important that we all take responsibility for its care. Our commitment is to ensure that we, at Keilhauer, do our part. Our sustainability policy has been put in place to make us conscious of the decisions that we need to make and to give us goals to strive for in our journey to make our footprint on the world very light. Know that Planet Keilhauer is part of the fabric of our company consciousness and we pursue its objectives diligently.