Contemporary design

Generous proportions and looser fabric

Ideal for informal meeting room or private office

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These finishes are available for the Ellesmere family. For complete details on which finishes are applicable to individual models, please consult the Ellesmere family pricelist pdf, or the pricelist website.


  • Leg/Frame Finish
    • Nickel Plate (Standard)/PN00
    • Chrome
    • Onyx/PC01
    • Mica/PC06
    • Shale/PC05
Designed by
Jonathan Crinion

For over thirty years Jonathan's work has followed a common theme of innovation and material reduction. His resolved forms reflect this frugality often combining many functions into one simple part. For Jonathan environmental consciousness is not new. He began in earnest when he designed a solar hot water heating system some thirty years ago.

Jonathan is a member of the Chartered Society of Designers in London UK and was appointed to the Royal Academy of the Arts. He has won virtually every award there is to win in the design field.

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