Jumble is an upholstered lounge seating system for public areas in lounges, receptions, lobbies and even corridors.

Three pieces – based on the seat height, arm height, and back height of traditional sofas – are available in single and double lengths. They can be used as stand-alone pieces, or connected to create modular seating clusters. The ganging hardware allows for asymmetrical, off-center connections.

Two tables, one square table to match the seat height, and one rectangular table, that matches the arm height, complete the set.

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These finishes are available for the Jumble family. For complete details on which finishes are applicable to individual models, please consult the Jumble family pricelist pdf, or the pricelist website.

  • Table ColoursShow all(56)
    • Deep Rose2004-10
    • Red Rock2005-10
    • Blue Lake2053-40
    • Beau Green2054-20
    • Polo Blue2062-10
    • Dark Basalt2072-10
    • Purple Lotus2072-30
    • Dark Purple2073-10
    • Raspberry Truffle2080-10
    • Confederate Red2080-20
    • Cranberry Cocktail2083-20
    • Deep Taupe2111-10
    • Mississippi Mud2114-20
    • Night Shade2116-10
    • Carbon Copy2117-10
    • Galaxy2117-20
    • Anchor Gray2126-30
    • Wolf Gray2127-40
    • Black Beauty2128-10
    • Abyss2128-20
    • Midnight Dream2129-10
    • Black Bean Soup2130-10
    • Almost Black2130-30
    • Whale Gray2134-40
    • Mountain Moss2142-30
    • Avocado2145-10
    • Brook Sidemoss2145-30
    • Jalapeno Pepper2147-30
    • GI Green2149-20
    • Fresh Olive2149-30
    • Aztec Brick2175-10
    • Louisiana Hot SauceCC-124
    • RadicchioCC-32
    • PeerageCC-36
    • Dufferin TerraceCC-456
    • EscarpmentCC-518
    • StampedeCC-540
    • WillowCC-542
    • MetropolisCC-546
    • TurretCC-604
    • Sundried TomatoCC-62
    • TapenadeCC-694
    • Polar JadeCC-754
    • Jet BlueCC-870
    • Prairie LilyCC-98
    • Gloucester SageHC-100
    • Rockport GrayHC-105
    • Sussex GreenHC-109
    • Wethersfield MossHC-110
    • Tate OliveHC-112
    • Livingston GoldHC-16
    • Amherst GreyHC-167
    • Norwich BrownHC-19
    • Fairview TaupeHC-85
    • Abington PuttyHC-99
    • Clay BeigeOC-11
Designed by
Andrew Jones

Andrew Jones designs furniture, lighting products, and residential and commercial interiors. His clients include manufacturers, architects, and government agencies in Canada, the United States, and the United Kingdom.

Jones received a Bachelor of Architecture degree at the University of Toronto in 1991, and a Master of Arts (Furniture) degree at the Royal College of Art, London, in 1997. He teaches at the University of Toronto John H. Daniels Faculty of Architecture, Landscape, and Design, and has previously taught at the University of Pennsylvania School of Design, the Sheridan College Crafts and Design program and the Ontario College of Art and Design.

His company, Andrew Jones Design, engages in a wide variety of design for production, craft design, and architectural design projects, for which he has won numerous national and international awards and gained inclusion in major exhibitions and public collections.

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Jumble Models

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Jumble 64136
Seat - Short
Jumble 64137
Seat - Long
Jumble 64146
Arm - Short
Jumble 64147
Arm - Long
Jumble 64156
Back - Short
Jumble 64157
Back - Long
Jumble 64236
Seat - Short, with Kick Protect Border
Jumble 64237
Seat - Long, with Kick Protect Border
Jumble 64246
Arm - Short, with Kick Protect Border
Jumble 64247
Arm - Long, with Kick Protect Border
Jumble 64256
Back - Short, with Kick Protect Border
Jumble 64257
Back - Long, with Kick Protect Border
Jumble 64838
Square Table
Jumble 64846
Arm Table