Junior has a patented back support system that challenges conventional thinking about chair comfort. Available in one size with 3 arm options and 2 upholstery styles.


T1-L5 Free Shoulders® backrest design

Adjustable backrest height (lumbar support)

Adjustable seat height

Adjustable arm height

Adjustable tilt tension and tilt lock.

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Designed by
Tom Deacon

After graduating from the University of Toronto in Architecture with honours and the RAIC medal and working briefly in the profession, Tom found furniture and product design to be more conducive to a clear and direct expression of his ideas. 

In 1984 he founded AREA Design Inc. to design, manufacture, and market seating and tables for the contract industry. In 1990 he established an independent design studio and began designing products for leading manufacturers in Canada and the United States. His work has been published and exhibited widely and has received numerous design awards.

Tom's first project as a freelance designer was the Deacon chair for Keilhauer. Since that auspicious beginning, Deacon and Keilhauer have developed a close and fruitful relationship resulting in a number of successful products.

In 2001 Tom began a ten year hiatus from the design world spent mostly in the country exploring ideas spanning sculpture, land art and garden design and generally causing havoc with his chain saw and back-hoe.  In 2012, he returned to furniture design to work with Keilhauer on the Loon chair.

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Junior Models

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Junior 8560
Contour back, armless
Junior 8561
Contour back, adjustable arms, urethane caps
Junior 8562
Contour back, adjustable arms, upholstered caps
Junior 8566
Contour back, recessed arms
Junior 8660
Contour back with pad, armless
Junior 8661
Contour back with pad, adjustable arms, urethane caps
Junior 8662
Contour back with pad, adjustable arms, upholstered caps
Junior 8666
Contour back with pad, recessed arms