Mabru's clean lines and strong sillouette bring a fresh, organic approach to modern lounge seating design.

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Designed by
Oksana Ulisko

Oksana began her career early as box architect, fort designer, and orange crate scooter builder. She was six.

She has since honed her talents at the Ontario College of Art & Design, and the Sheridan School of Craft & Design.

Oksana lives in Toronto and has designed for Umbra, Canadian House & Home and now Keilhauer. Her work has included the design of products, interiors, and furniture. Inspired by material connections and the details of everyday "stuff", Oksana's designs embody a quiet elegance and a sense of fun. The concept of democratic design is also an important motivator in her work. By applying considered design to mass produced products, Oksana shares her sense of beauty in a way that is accessible, and integrated into the day-to-day.

Most recently Oksana has been designing bathroom furniture for Home Depot, Lowes & EXPO stores. Her work has been featured in small gallery venues, trade shows and magazines both locally and internationally.

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