Run is a fully adjustable ergonomic task chair with beautifully resolved details. Available with a mesh back and an upholstered seat, and adjustable arms.


Adjustable tilt tension and tilt lock

Adjustable armrest height, armrest width, and pivot

Sliding seat pan for adjustable seat depth

Adjustable seat height.

Optional lumbar support adjustability.

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These finishes are available for the Run family. For complete details on which finishes are applicable to individual models, please consult the Run family pricelist pdf, or the pricelist website.


  • Run Mesh
    • Black/RM001
    • White/RM002
    • Grey/RM003
Designed by
Justus Kolberg

Justus Kolberg has been running his own design studio in Hamburg since 1997. He completed his studies in industrial design at the Muthesius Academy of Fine Arts and Design in Kiel in 1990. After gaining international experience in Italy – where he designed for Castelli and Tecno – he worked with the Team der Wiege Wilkahn-Entwicklungs GmbH in Germany. The Confair conference system was one of his larger projects there.

Justus is passionate about developing chairs. "The possible variations when designing a chair are huge. This fact is what makes every architect dream of one day developing a chair." For him, chairs have somewhat of a "human dimension;" they are very important because they accompany us throughout our daily lives; we should feel comfortable with them.

Kolberg's innovative designs made waves in the industry (he has worked for Bene, Wilkhahn, Renz, Kusch, Garpa, Howe, and Tecno, to name a few). He has received such high-calibre prizes as: the IF Hannover Product Design Award; the Red Dot des Design Centrum NRW; the IDEA –Gold Industrial Design Excellence Award (USA); and the Japanese Good Design Award.

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Run Models

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Run 21100
Mesh back, black carrier, no arms, black base.
Run 21101
Mesh back, black carrier, no arms, polished aluminum base
Run 21110
Mesh back, black carrier, 2D adjustable arms, black base
Run 21111
Mesh back, black carrier, 2D adjustable arms, polished aluminum base
Run 21120
Mesh back, black carrier, 4D adjustable arms, black base
Run 21121
Mesh back, black carrier, 4D adjustable arms, polished aluminum base