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Bendtsen Design Associates

Truly elegant design solutions are created by finding a harmony between the contour lines of a product and the technical components that hold it together.

Bendtsen Design Associates is a multi-faceted Design Studio based in Vancouver, BC, Canada. The studio is comprised of Niels Bendtsen, Giancarlo Stefani, and studio support staff; between them, there is a broad range of experience, expertise, and know-how that is translated into every product the studio develops.

The inspiration and inception for every product is anchored by technical knowledge and understanding of production and manufacturing that comes from more than a half century in the industry. This deep understanding informs the development process and creates elegant development solutions.

Both sons of cabinet makers, Niels Bendtsen and Giancarlo Stefani grew up in close proximity to furniture and realized early on that they wanted to spend their lives working in Design. From Denmark, and Italy, to Venezuela, and finally to Canada - both men have worked extensively in the field, and have found a synergy in each other’s work.

Niels Bendtsen (Top)
Giancarlo Stefani (Bottom)

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