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Juxta Press Release

PRODUCT NAME: Juxta sofa and bench
PRODUCT CATEGORY: Lounge, Sofa, Bench

Inspired by increased demand for peer connection in the workplace, Keilhauer introduces two new models to its award-winning Juxta Collection: the Juxta bench and sofa. Juxta, designed by EOOS, is designed to address the numerous behaviors and rituals that take place during meetings: formal and informal, active and static, long and short. The collection treats these rituals as juxtapositions rather than contradictions. The new bench and sofa additions provide a solution for increased demand for both solitary reflection and face-to-face interaction.

“Rapid shifts in the workplace today, such as the rise of co-working, remote-working, and telecommuting, have translated into increased demand for connection,” says Mike Keilhauer, President of Keilhauer. “At the same time, technology no longer tethers people to their desks and people are seeking out more comfortable, lounge-feeling work environments. By expanding Juxta to feature these new models, we are able to fulfill both of these juxtapositions.”

Originally introduced at NeoCon 2013, Juxta is one of Keilhauer’s leading products and has received numerous awards for its design, including Best of NeoCon and Best of Canada. Seven new models featuring benches and sofas with various tablet/work surface options have been added to the collection -- eighty-one unique products are offered to produce unlimited configurations of stools, chairs and tables.

Juxta benches and sofa take the idea that exchanging ideas is fundamental to business and distills it to its truest form. “Workplace communication requires three things: you need two or more people, you need a space where they work independently and you need a space where they can communicate and exchange,” says Jackie Maze, Vice President of Marketing and Sales, Keilhauer. “The Juxta sofa and bench provide a single, modern and beautiful object that answers all three needs.”

The new bench and sofa seamlessly integrate into the Juxta collection, featuring a slim volume, rounded silhouettes and strategic seaming. Optional tablets are available on the left and/or right side and flow naturally from the base. Juxta is available in any of Keilhauer’s textiles as well as COM or COL. Tablets are available in 25 colors of plastic laminate or 15 colors of Fenix NTM® laminate. 4-leg bases are available in two colors, polished aluminum and dark gray.


  • 4-leg base in Polished Aluminum and dark grey
  • Rotating tablet arms in 25 plastic laminate colors,
  • Rotating tablet arms in 15 Fenix NTM® laminate colors
  • Solid steel frame for exceptional durability


  • Juxta bench:
    • 17.5”-25.5”H X 113”W X 27.5”D SH 17.5”
  • Tablet Height 25.5”
    • Juxta sofa: 34” H X 113”W X 29.5”D
    • SH 17.5”
    • Tablet Height 25.5

Performance and Sustainability
As with all Keilhauer furniture, Juxta is built from the highest quality materials, is designed and manufactured to last for many years, and is supported by Keilhauer’s standard 10-year warranty. Juxta sofas and benches are expected to carry BIFMA level® 2 and SCS Global Services certification for Indoor Air Quality at the Indoor Advantage TM Gold level. They are manufactured in facilities that produce zero waste to landfill, and offset 100 per cent of electricity use with renewable energy credits.

About Keilhauer
Founded in 1981, Keilhauer is a privately owned, design focused contract furniture manufacturer. Keilhauer manufactures seating and tables for all the areas of the organization where there is an exchange of ideas. Keilhauer products are thoughtfully made to support communication and engagement in “Heads Up” spaces, such as meeting rooms, collaboration areas, lobbies and lunchrooms. Working with world-renowned furniture designers, Keilhauer is internationally recognized for award-winning design, built with extreme craftsmanship, to the highest environmental standards. The company is headquartered in Toronto, Ontario. For more information, please visit Keilhauer.com.

About EOOS
EOOS is Gernot Bohmann, Martin Bergmann, and Harald Gründl who studied design together at the Academy of Applied Arts in Vienna. In 1990, they started their first collaboration and founded EOOS in 1995. They live in Vienna and work in the fields of product, furniture and architectural design. EOOS is named after one of the four sun horses of Greek mythology and stands for their programmatic approach to the field of design.


Christine Testa,
Communications & Media Strategist, Sales and Marketing